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Dr Mark Tunbridge

Dr Tunbridge holds a PhD (University of Cape Town, 2001) in clinical psychology and two Masters degrees in educational psychology (University of Johannesburg, 1996; WITS, 1994). Practical social psychology applications have formed the foundation of all his PhD and Masters level research work in clinical and educational psychology. In 2002/3 he completed a formal clinical psychology internship in Canada, and is currently accredited (Reg. No. 602) as a Full Member of the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association. Click on for more information in this regard. He is also a registered educational psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (Reg. No. PS0056200). Dr Tunbridge is an expert in conflict management in community contexts, and has had specialized training in conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation (South African Association of Mediators; Independent Mediation Society of South Africa).

Dr. Tunbridge has over a decade of experience as psychotherapist, counsellor, psychological evaluator (including medico-legal assessment), coach, mediator, trainer and researcher - working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in South Africa, Malawi and North America. He is founder and clinical director of Dr Mark Tunbridge, Mia Boon & Associates in Claremont, Cape Town - a private practice of registered psychologists currently providing general psychology services to the community. For more information about these services, you can click on Dr Tunbridge has lectured at the University of Johannesburg in psychometric assessment, as guest lecturer in qualitative social psychology research at the College of Medicine, University of Malawi, and on social and forensic psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Cape Town.  

Dr Chiwoza Bandawe

Dr Bandawe holds a PhD (University of Cape Town, 2000) focusing on community health psychology. He is qualified and registered as a clinical psychologist in South Africa.  Currently he is research associate in social psychology at the University of Cape Town and senior lecturer at the College of Medicine in Malawi, where he trains community health clinicians and workers. He has considerable experience as a psychological health trainer in the southern African context, consulting and training in both South Africa and Malawi on leadership development and various aspects of mental health.  He is the author of two books on mental health and practical psychology, and his current research focus includes contextual social psychology from an ubuntu perspective.
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