our process
Step 1   Introductory telephone conversation
The process starts with an introductory telephone conversation regarding the social development needs of your specific context with one of our three team members (click on The Team).
Step 2   Formulate
At a face-to-face meeting at your premises, or at our consulting rooms in Claremont, Cape Town (click on Contact Us), we formulate social psychology solutions together with you. Importantly, you outline your needs and concerns, and we assist you in finding solutions. If geographical distances make meeting in person difficult, we arrange alternative methods to ensure best results.
Step 3   Implement
Members of our team implement the social psychology solutions formulated in Step Two, revising and developing the plan itself as new, more detailed information becomes apparent through the intervention process.
Step 4   Evaluate
Together with you, we evaluate the social psychology solutions and implement further action towards their completion, as necessary.
Step 5   Long-term maintenance strategy
Finally, we work together to formulate a long-term maintenance strategy for your context’s social development and growth. This may involve a complete transfer of the social psychology solutions to your in-house staff, or an assisted maintenance plan with our continuing support, as necessary. You, together with the specific dynamics of your context, will decide on the best long-term maintenance strategy.
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