our approach
Our approach is one of applied social psychology - an innovative branch of psychology that states it is impossible to separate a person from the group, the organisation, the community -
the context - in which they operate.

Traditional social development methods use one formula to deal with all social situations (the one-size-fits-all approach). We know that this is unlikely to succeed - especially in South Africa, and Africa more generally given our special needs and diversity.

  works by using highly specialized and advanced intervention techniques. We incorporate sophisticated computer technologies to uncover the deeper issues that make every social situation different. We then devise a solution.

We do this by: 

Identifying the specific social mechanisms underlying the primary development need or problem - such as social conflict, leadership, career or team development.

Using computer-assisted social technologies especially developed for depth of analysis, speed and efficient delivery.

Click on the article “Without Prejudice” from The Economist [November 2006] for more information on the democratic nature of our new computer-assisted social psychology approach.

For more computer-related information visit the sites of our software partners:
-  GridSuite
-  Enquire Within
Creating a specific development plan for each unique social context, and individuals within that context.
Promoting positive change by applying the very latest social psychology development methods (Personal Construct Psychology; Discursive Psychology; Narrative Psychology).  
Adapting traditional psychological approaches with individuals (e.g., Myers-Briggs) and groups (e.g., 360º) and integrating them with the plan to ensure the best possible chance of resolution.

By effectively applying these various intervention techniques, we can help people achieve more as individuals and work better with others.

We can help people and organisations become as successful as they can possibly be, by reaching their optimal potential.
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